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5 Foods You Need to Break Up With

by Patrick Reynolds

Things started off so well. You couldn't get enough of each other. But something changed. You realized the more time you spent together, the worse you felt. There's no use denying it anymore... you're in a toxic relationship. You can try to make it work, but you're only delaying the inevitable. The smart thing would be face the music and break it off. Now.

I'm not talking about your romantic life, I'm talking about your eating life. There are certain foods that we carry on toxic relationships with year after year, even as they make us fat and sick.

I don't mean cheesecake and onion rings, we know going on those flings are bad news, but they're not part of your usual day. I'm talking about the foods that stick around in our habitual eating patterns, slowly dripping phantom calories into our lives, offering nothing of value. Your life will be better if you bite the bullet and exile these foods from your life forever. Let's get into it! - See more at:

There are certain foods that we carry on toxic relationships with year after year, even as they make us fat and sick. 

The top 5 foods you need to break up with!

1. Cerealhdkcae9c3tpai9eeslpb

The cereal companies have spent billions of dollars trying to convince you that cereal is a healthy breakfast choice. But it's a stinker of a food. You take an already calorically dense nutrition source, grain, and completely dehydrate it so that it doesn't fill you up unless you have 2-3 servings. Then you malt it, adding a sugar coating that doubles it caloric punch. And that's what you're starting your day . A carb-bomb which is going to leave you crashing around 10 am, reaching for your next glucose hit from the vending machine or pastry case. It doesn't matter how organic or natural your cereal choice is, they all range from bad to worse. Cereal is the enemy. Exile it! Eat real food for breakfast.


peanut2. Peanut butter

Peanuts are a not-horrible food. They have decent mineral content and healthy fats. But they're awfully high in calories. So we take these nuts and grind them into a dense paste, and emulsify the whole mess in calorie-rich vegetable oil. This is now "natural" peanut butter. Add 2 grams of sugar per tablespoon and you've got your JIF-style supermarket peanut butter. And you can't even eat this abomination by itself. You have to combine it with another food like bread and jelly which only digs your hole deeper. Peanut butter is bad news. I know it tastes like creamy salty-sweet heaven, but it's hell for your fitness goals.


coffee3. "Coffee creations"

Tea is good. Coffee is good. Espresso is good. Lattes are ok. And that's where you should stop reading the menu at your local coffee place. Anything under the "coffee creations" section is going to set you back. Mochas, Frappacinos, seasonal spice selections, and any other variations will pack a mean 300+ calories of fat and sugar. As a once-in-a-while treat they're ok, but I see way too many people making them a regular part of the week. Would you have a milkshake on the way to work? That's essentially what you're drinking when you dive into the "coffee creations" section. Don't go there!


potato4. Potato chips

Potatoes are a nice vegetable. They never did anything to anyone. But like mad scientists, we turn them into monsters when we thin-slice them, fry them, dehydrate them, and add a heap of salt on top. Think about the little bags of potato chips you get with the order of a sandwich. They come in at about 30 grams of mass. That's nothing. When you hold one of those bags you feel like there's barely anything in them. But that effervescent barely-there 30 grams will hit you for 150 calories. That's pretty amazing. If you tried to eat 150 calories of real potato, you'd be eating a massive 500 gram spud. This is the power of processed food, and potato chips are one of the worst offenders because they manage to sneak under the radar not as an indulgence but a harmless snack. They don't fill you up, they don't give you any real nutrition, and they desensitize your palate with their sodium overload. Cut them out of our life.


juice5. Fruit juice

Fruit is an important part of your diet. Loads of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants in a calorically sparse package. Eat a large orange and you'll have 45 calories that will make you full and satisfied. Have a glass of supermarket orange juice and you've just had the equivalent of seven oranges, 110 calories and 20 grams of sugar. How would you feel watching someone dump 4 tablespoons of sugar into their morning coffee? Pretty gross right? That's how much sugar is in that "healthy" juice. The same story goes for any fruit that's processed into a juice. Apple, mango, mix-berry, passion fruit, acai, whatever, you're always getting a really bad deal when it comes to calories vs. nutritional payoff. Good idea: eating fruit. Bad idea: drinking fruit.

Many of us have long relationships built up with these 5 foods. They're a comforting part of our usual lives. But like any bad relationship, they'll put you in a cycle of negativity and unhappiness. Let them go. Have the break up talk. And once you've broken up, don't go back. These 5 foods should become something you simply wouldn't think to eat, like cardboard or bathroom tile.

And the best part is, cutting out these old toxic relationships frees your calories up to have healthier foods in your life. Not just fresh vegetables and fruit, but even the occasional indulgence that you can truly enjoy for the treat it is. This is so much more preferable than wasting your caloric balance away on these lame vampire foods that give nothing back. You're better off without them!



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