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PULSE - The Bathroom Scale

PULSE - Gut Health and Probiotics: What’s real and what’s hype?

PULSE - A Little Emptiness Goes a Long Way

PULSE - Men and Women's Fitness

PULSE - The Perfect Maintenance Week

PULSE - Life Currents

PULSE - A Broken Japanese Maple Tree: A Lesson in Resilience

PULSE - The Devil's Bargain: Costs of the Two-Legged Life | PART 2

PULSE - The Devil's Bargain: Costs of the Two-Legged Life | PART 1

PULSE - The Most Dangerous Time

PULSE - Saving Stinky

PULSE - 10 Fitness Things People Don't Worry About, But SHOULD!

PULSE - 10 Fitness Things to NOT Worry About

PULSE - Sparking the Discipline Engine

PULSE - Superfood or Superscam?

PULSE - The CDC, Masks, and Scientific Advice

PULSE - Fun On Both Sides

PULSE - How Crash Diets Break Your Brain: Lessons from the Minnesota Starvation Experiment

PULSE - Getting Your Deposit Back

PULSE - In Defense of Fruit

PULSE - Chill Out, Don't Flame Out.


PULSE - How Smart Rules Will Change Your Life

PULSE - Final Months of COVID Action Plan!

PULSE - The Joy of Feeling Empty

PULSE - Mars, Earth, and You - Learning to Love and Respect Your Body

PULSE - The Boredom Boost

PULSE - Desert Island Stretches

PULSE - How to Start A Fitness Fire and Get Real Results

PULSE - Final Months of COVID Action Plan!: For the people who got fit during COVID

PULSE - Final Months of COVID Action Plan!: For the people who who tried to stay fit during COVID

PULSE - Final Months of COVID Action Plan!: For the people who got out of shape during COVID

PULSE - Our Desert Picks: Which Exercises Are The Most Important?

PULSE - The Sure Bet: Investment Advice that NEVER Fails

PULSE - The Tilted Playing Field

PULSE - Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

PULSE - Quarantine 15 and Incidental Calories

PULSE - Puzzle Power

PULSE -Two Roomates; A New Perspective on Self-Respect and Self-care

PULSE - New Year’s Resolutions During a Pandemic

PULSE - 10 Mistakes That Make Resolutions Fail

PULSE - Holidays not Holiweeks

Fitness Lessons From a Three Year Old

PULSE - Facing Failure

PULSE - Know the Enemy

PULSE - Great People, Bad Pitches

PULSE - Bimodal Distribution of Sex

PULSE - Good Brains, Bad Choices

PULSE - The Tao Te Tetris

PULSE - Fitness and Aging: Do The Things That Are Good For You

PULSE - Social Dilemma Response

PULSE - Know Your Fad: The Keto Diet

PULSE - Order of Operations

Your Body Sucks

PULSE - Smart Mistakes

PULSE - The Real Cost of "Great" Deals

PULSE - Tired Drunk

PULSE - Be A Fitness Inspiration to Your Kids

PULSE - Living a Life in Vector

PULSE - Decluttering and Fitness

PULSE - Snowball Productivity

How to be Truly Alive

Toothbrushing Smarter not Harder

Fitness and Happiness

Do Detoxes Work?

Face Fat

Indifferent Eaters

Gimmicky Gadgets

1,000 Dollars

Fitness Trackers

Defence Against Informericals

Getting Your Paradigm Right

Procrastinate Like A Pro

Getting Even Through Fitness

PULSE - Lose 5.5 Pounds In 5 Weeks With These 5 Tips

PULSE - The Messy Business of Good Science

HILIT: New, Trendy and Effective

Dont' Forget to Chill

PULSE - Role Modeling

PULSE - Smacking the Futon

PULSE - The Joy of Walking

PULSE - Dealing With Cravings

PULSE - Training in the Heat

PULSE - No Gym Weight Hacks

PULSE - Flavor Bombs

PULSE - Think Small

PULSE - Finding Your New Normal

PULSE - 15 Foods To Avoid For Breakfast

PULSE - 5 Ways To Keep Kids Engaged While You Work Out

How to Get Rid of Face Fat | Kenzai

PULSE - Your Presence Is Required

PULSE - Breathing Exercise

PULSE - Pro Tips for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in Uncertain Times

PULSE - Overcoming Workout Laziness

PULSE - Corona Fitness

PULSE - Jump In, The Water Is Fine

Put Yourself To The Test

PULSE - Staying Safe Amidst An Outbreak

PULSE - Voluntary Obstacles

Quick and Dirty Fitness Tricks

PULSE - How To B(eat) A Cold

PULSE - Dismiss Your Inner Critic

PULSE - Toothbrushing: You're Doing it Wrong

PULSE - Get a Boost with Live Sauerkraut

PULSE - The Importance of Self Care

Activation Energy

PULSE - Pause for Reflection

PULSE - Exercise Doesn't Get Enough Credit

PULSE - Staying Compliant During the Holidays

No One Cares

PULSE - Change the View

PULSE - Find and Feel the Burn

Trainer Bios - Jim Matt

PULSE - No More Wilted Herbs

The Summer Slump

PULSE - Freeze Your Fruit

PULSE - Working Out and Rocking Out

PULSE - Step it Out

Trainer Bios - Kim B

PULSE - Ward's Halloween Survival Guide

PULSE - Corrective Exercise

PULSE - Let's Talk About Sleep, Ba-by!

Trainer Bios - Cecilia A.

PULSE - When Eating, Just Eat

Dealing With Your Genetics

PULSE - Coffee: a Performance-enhancing Drug???

PULSE - If You Must Indulge, Indulge Wisely!!!

PULSE - The Elephant in the Room

PULSE - The Ultimate Cheese Hack

Trainer Bios - Ed Center

Trainer Bios - Jenny Haddle

PULSE - Quick and Dirty Cross Training

Trainer Bios - Elissa Imran

Impossibly Not Meat

PULSE - Falling Off the Skateboard

PULSE - Nutrition for the Family

PULSE - Workouts are for Slackers!

Trainer Bios - Angela Worthington

PULSE - Gyms Are Gross

A Quick Note on Depression

PULSE - Brain Calisthenics

PULSE - Produce Quality Breakdown

Trainer Bios - Sharmali

PULSE - Say Yes!

Trainer Bios - Scott Burns

Owning Your Baggage

Trainer Bios - Malia Hirschmann

Trainer Bios - Nate Belle-Isle

PULSE - Eating Your Eggs

Trainer Bios - Jess Swarbreck

The Power of Planks

Trainer Bios - Ward Willis

PULSE - Understanding Indifferent Eaters

Trainer Bios - Sara Pittman

Are All Veggies Created Equal?

PULSE - Slow and Steady

PULSE - Procrastination Pro Tips

PULSE - Everest Eating

PULSE - Drawing Respect and Inspiration from the Rugby Body

PULSE - Wellspan NOT Lifespan

Sleep Is Training

PULSE - Exercise Your Vacation Options

PULSE - Know Your Motivation

PULSE - Power Your Pull-up

PULSE - Hidden Protein

PULSE - Wake up Hungry

PULSE - Staying Motivated on the 'mill

Chalk Talk #8: Impact Reduction

Skillfull Breakfast

Who You Should Get Fitness Advice From

You're Doing it Wrong: Pull-ups!

Episode 4: Asparagus Pee

Episode 43: Why We Don't Do "Cheat Days"

PULSE - Why You Get Hurt

Tips to Prepare for Your Week

You're Doing it Wrong: Tricep Dips

Chalk Talk #5: Gold Medal Fitness - Exercise at Your Own Fitness Level

You're Doing it Wrong: Planks

Chalk Talk #4: Eat Your Water - Foods With High Water Content

The Nature of Knowledge

PULSE - The Ab-Omination

PULSE - Why We Don't Do "Cheat Days"

PULSE - Kenzai Warriors on the Road

Deal with it

No Gimmicks: Do Diet Pills Work? | Kenzai

Training Towards the T-Shirt

Episode 24: Fitness Anthropology

How to Schedule a Year of Training

Chalk Talk #3: How to Lose 8 Pounds | Lose Weight By Reducing Body Fat

No Gimmicks: Why Fitness Trackers Don't Make You Fitter

Sweat it out or swap it up: CHAMPAGNE

Help the Newbies

Sweat it out or swap it up: CINNAMON ROLL

Sweat it out or swap it up: HOT COCOA

Sweat it out or swap it up: MIXED NUTS

Sweat it out or swap it up: APPLE PIE

Sweat it out or swap it up: CHOCOLATE BARS

Sweat it out or swap it up: EGGNOG

Sweat it out or swap it up: SUGAR COOKIES

Sweat it out or swap it up: FRIED CHICKEN