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David O.

by Cecilia Aiello

"Every year I like to try to do something new, something I haven't achieved in the past. This year my achievement has been to learn about my body, fitness and food. Kenzai has taught me how to take notice of what I eat. I got more confident in the kitchen (even though I mostly stuck to my lifelong cooking motto of "if it cant be fried, it cant be cooked").

I didn't drop some of the crazy weight that some people did. But I weighed myself yesterday and came in at 80.2kg - down from 84.7 that I started at (I understand that weight fluctuates). Having said that, I've lost a ton of fat off my gut, developed the beginnings of a v-shaped torso, put on muscle in my arms, chest and shoulders, and have nice tight calves from the skipping. I know that I was 25.8% body fat when I started. If I have lost 4.5kg of fat and put on 2kg of muscle that pushes my body fat down to around 19%.

I have gotten a lot of really positive comments and the fat loss is clear just from my face. I'm super happy with the results on my body overall. The next stage is to get fitter and stronger and drive my body fat down. I hadn't done anything for four years (since I broke the ball joint in my knee) and so getting back into aerobic and strength work was extremely tough.

Kenzai helped me to regain confidence in my knee and just to forget about it for periods which was amazing.

Overall, this is an amazing program. At its core, its very simple: eat good food and do regular exercise. The details though are very clever and the focus on managing your motivation and making the program viable in the long term is the genius. Thank you to the instructors for their encouragement and thoughts. Huge thank you to Team A who we a great help throughout. And apologies to my wife for cooking at midnight.

David O.

September 2017


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