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One Year of Kenzai Blogs!

by Patrick Reynolds

On the 1st June of 2014 the first Kenzai Weekly Lesson went live. Just as Kenzai was the final evolution of my philosophy on how to train, the Kenzai Weekly Lesson Blog was what I had always wanted my writing platform to be. I harassed our tech team for weeks about image layout, fonts, kerning, video embeds, because I wanted everything to be just right. Pressing "publish" on that first weekly lesson was a real delight, and here we are, one year later with 52 lessons in the bag.

People often ask how I come up with new topics every week. The truth is, what I find challenging is having to choose just onetopic a week. I keep a list of blog ideas, which at last count had about 130 items on it. And the list grows faster even as my writing time shrinks! But I'll keep plugging away, and am looking forward to delivering you another great year of in-depth discussion and exploration around the issues of staying well in the modern world. Thank you for reading!

This week, to mark one year of the Kenzai Blog, I'm going to share my favorite five lessons from the year, and also share which five resonated with the public the most. If you missed one click through and give it a read. As always your thoughts and comments are welcome. I hope you find these posts as fun and interesting to read as they were for me to write.

My top 5 posts of the year

These five lessons tickled my fancy.

These People Think You're Stupid

I still love watching infomercials and seeing the models' painfully fake smiles as they sell you a fitness gadget they would never use themselves.

Star Jumps

Going through the thought process of writing this lesson crystalized a lot of things for me, and has notably improved my motivation this year.

Wearing Your Gi

A good Kenzai Lesson tells a story. I'm pleased with how the spirit and vivacity of my old sensei came through in this post.

The Keeping You Alive Project

I'm continually fascinated by the topic of our interconnectedness and how unfathomably fortunate we are to live in the world we do.

What's in Your Trash

This is the only lesson this year I didn't write. And I couldn't have come up with a more moving or poignant post than Renfield provided.


Your top 5 posts of the year

As determined by a combination of total page views, Facebook shares, and comment activity.

95 Yards

There's nothing like a good metaphor to make your point. And the senseless struggle for those last five yards paints a vivid picture!

Abs Abs Abs

This post was very popular, probably because everyone wants those abs abs abs! Hope it clears up what abs are really all about.

The Topographical Doughnut

Challenging notions of how your body really works always makes for popular posts.

Fitness Lessons From a Two-Year Old

They say never co-star with children or animals, and the amount of traction Juri's fitness lessons got certainly proves it!

No Gimmicks: Why Detoxes Don't Clean Up Your Act

The most widely shared post of the year. If just one person chooses not to do a detox from this post it will have accomplished its goal.

Thanks to everyone for reading, it's my honor and pleasure to continue writing each week, keeping up the good fight against misinformation, pseudoscience, unrealistic expectations, and lazy thinking. I'll kick off this new year of writing with one of my favorite quotes:

“If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies.” - Albert Einstein



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