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Adelyn C.

by Cecilia Aiello

 "Kenzai Body has culminated in this incredible sense of freedom I feel! Freedom from the confusion of yoyo dieting, freedom from my sugar addiction and freedom to go out and take on the world!

Over and beyond the "vanity" gains that all Kenzai graduates rave about (fat/weight loss and getting the best body I've ever had), the most significant win for me over the course of the 90 days is learning what my body+mind need for optimal performance... it vastly altered my understanding of wellness, relationship with food and eating habits.

These gains are possible with the extensive knowledge and thorough program provided by Kenzai but also the day to day action of applying it personally. Experiencing the transformation right before my eyes is akin to striking lottery... no better investment in life that one can make than on one's wellbeing I say!

My approach towards health and wellness used to be “all or nothing” and I never noticed it until I did Kenzai. There were periods of my life where I exercise super hard 6 days a week and others where I do not move at all for months, eating junk food everyday. This resulted in a massive yo-yo for years and is obviously very unhealthy. Through Kenzai, I have learnt that no matter how busy life is, there is always time to work out and prep food - it just takes a bit of planning and prioritizing!"

Adelyn C.

June 2016


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Get in the best shape of your life

Unlike any other health options and short-term fitness programs, Kenzai provides everything trainees need to achieve their peak condition. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, become a better athlete, or improve your quality of life, we have a Kenzai program to help you reach your goals!


Don’t let a “shelter at home” order derail your fitness efforts. This program is designed to address the mental and physical skills you’ll need to weather the stress and disruption of a COVID-19 lockdown. Learn how to eat, exercise, and stay focused when the world seems upside down.

Next Start Date: June 8th 


Kenzai Nutrition is a 31-day program designed to help busy people get their diets in check. At the end, you’ll be prepared to tackle the holiday season in a healthier, happier, and more mindful way!

Next Start Dates: July 13th


Kenzai Body is a 90-day program that will get you lean, strong, and focused with fast and efficient bodyweight workouts, customized nutrition plans, and daily lessons that work for everyone.

Next Start Dates: June 1st, July 6th