The Pulse


Brian H.

by Cecilia Aiello

So much has changed.

I thought I could eat anything I wanted without consequences.
I thought it took too much time to exercise and there was no time in the day to get it done.
I thought I was eating in a healthfully.
I thought I was a little overweight.


I know what a good portion looks like.
I know there is room for exercise. Every day.
I now know what healthful eating looks like.
I know how much extra weight I was carrying and feel oh so much lighter.

When I first heard about Kenzai from some friends, my first reaction was to be defensive. No sugar? No alcohol? All my comfort foods and coping mechanisms for stress would be taken away. Where would I find all that time to exercise with two young kids?

After doing Kenzai for just a week I knew I was on to something. Exercising felt good. Daily exercise. I had missed that part of my life, being a competitive swimmer, and told myself that life was too busy to exercise. The structure of a diet felt great too. Usually, at work, my afternoon routine involved hunting around the school that I teach at for chocolate.

I was surprised that the thing that was most beneficial to me during Kenzai was what I learned about my body. When people say "Tell me about your diet," I say smiling, "it's not a diet, it's an education."

Brian H.

June 2017



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