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Rich C.

by Cecilia Aiello

"What has changed .... a lot has changed. But all for the better. I like the structure, the exercise, the diet. My body has lapped the clean eating and prioritizing my health has been wonderful and frankly needed. And I like the changes I've seen in my body, my mind and my outlook.

There's been a ton of sweat, lots of effing & blinding but overall it's been a thoroughly enjoyable 3 months and a real education. The whole experience has reminded me that in life it is so important to keep learning, to challenge yourself and that setting goals and working hard to achieve them is very rewarding. And that with a smile and a positive attitude one can make extraordinary gains. It feels great and I feel primed to tackle the next step in my life (parenthood) with vigor & enthusiasm.

In terms of what's next, I don't know, but I know it's a path that leads to a healthier future and a future where Kenzai will certainly feature. For that I am very very grateful.

For the record the scales this morning told me I was 12kgs down. Astonishing and as my shorts are now too big, I'm now off to buy some more :-) That is except for the board shorts I bought in Sri Lanka in 2003... 90 days ago I could not do them up, now a perfect fit!"

Rich C.

September 2016



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