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Saya T.

by Cecilia Aiello

"After 90 days of continuous challenge with Kenzai Body I feel stronger, fitter, more educated and more confident. My journey of celebrating my body and making the best out of myself has just begun!!
I remember letting my body go after I got pregnant and had my baby boy. Being a mom is such a beautiful experience but my own fitness took a back seat. I was just so exhausted all the time. I’ve tried to eat less, joined the gym and tried some trendy online workouts etc but nothing worked. Now I look back I was doing everything wrong! So I decided to sign up for Kenzai Body to be fit again and I definitely made the right choice.

90 days of amazing physical/mental training is over. There are so many things I've learnt from the past three months and I'm really happy that I made it!

I feel some big changes in terms of muscles, in my clothes and in my stamina. And I can see significant changes in my before and after pictures. But I only lost 1.5 kg! So the gap between how different I look and how little the weight loss was a big proof of numbers being totally useless, as the Kenzai trainers and lessons have said all along.

I now know for sure that there's absolutely no mystery or short cut to becoming fit! We must eat clean and do exercise consistently. It was also important for me to be reassured that I should never starve myself if I want to be fitter. Too many people think that we should be hungry if you want to loose weight but I've learnt that is not sustainable. Also it was nice to feel energetic and happy through out the day.

Lastly, I am so proud that I completed those 90 days despite of how busy I am!! There were times that I felt utterly stupid about starting this program as I was crazy busy being a full time mom, teacher, and dancer. I'm definitely the busiest in my entire life but I still made it.

This gave me a lot of confidence."

Saya T.

June 2017



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